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Benefits of PDU

Intelligent Power Distribution

Improving business efficiency whilst reducing environmental impact should be at the top of the agenda for modern businesses. You may be asking yourself what the best way to do this is.

A Power Distribution Unit could be the answer.

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a device designed to distribute electric power through multiple outlets within data centre environments. PDU’s act as a central unit to distribute energy across data centre components such as servers, computers and other networking devices.

Modern technology has allowed some PDU’s to evolve from simply being power strips, to devices that allow network operators to monitor energy efficiency, power usage and more remotely. These are called Managed or Monitored PDU’s.

Remote access for Monitored PDU’s is usually done through a web interface. This allows you to manage and monitor any devices connected to individual ports of the PDU and gather data, such as individual device efficiency and power usage.

Through this web interface, users can easily issue commands to devices connect to the PDU, such as “reboot” simply through your web browser.

Key Features of Monitored PDU’s:

  • They allow problems within data centres to be easily detected, ensuring maximum uptime.
  • They help to avoid excessive energy consumption by correctly monitoring power usage.
  • They help to prevent expensive equipment damage from voltage spikes.
  • They are a crucial component in reducing your company’s environmental impact by helping you to consume less power.

At Wire Technologies our most popular PDU is the ES-POM-A-WR which allows you to manage up to 400 geographically dislocated devices under one management account, allows instant management and monitoring via web interface portal and at the press of a button local managers can view the current Power use, IP address, temperature and humidity.

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