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Small and large changes to your cabling infrastructure

IT teams regularly perform moves, adds and changes (MAC) to make sure IT equipment is up-to-date and continues to work as effectively as possible. MACS have become an ongoing aspect of everyone’s lives due to advances in technology and an increase in demand from businesses as they scale and grow.

Cabling moves, adds and changes (MAC) might be small alterations, such as upgrading a network switch. Alternatively a MAC could be a larger scale project. This might be decommissioning servers on one of your company’s sites and recommissioning and configuring them in a different building – if your company moves offices or changes the layout of the way it works – for example.

We can help with any MAC project, large or small.

Our MAC team is made up of some of the most experienced project managers and engineers in the industry. Our proven methodologies and frameworks enable the reliable, secure and cost effective relocation of your infrastructure and equipment, based on meticulous planning and a constant focus on risk management.

We are a trusted partner for many organisations seeking to optimise their data centre operations through cabling moves, adds and changes and efficient cabling infrastructures.

Work with our cabling moves, adds and changes project team for:

  • Any type of cabling move, add or change – large or small
  • In-depth consultancy and planning where necessary
  • A cost effective and competitive solution
  • Insight, advice and consideration around data security
  • Business continuity and minimal/if any impact on your working environment
  • Simple to understand quotes with no jargon