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Docking Stations: The Low-down

The demand for Docking Stations has increased hugely as a result of the “work from home” era. Partnered with growing popularity in the use of portable devices among consumers, this has led to the continuous growth of the Docking Station market. With the product offering in this market continuing to expand, it can be hard to decide whether purchasing a docking station is worth it and if so, which brand to go for.

At Wire Tech, our most popular dock is the Kruger-Pro. With the ability to simultaneously connect up-to 3 monitors, a printer, keyboard, mouse, external hard-drive and USB stick partnered with super-fast Data Transfer with USB 3.0 Port ensuring instant sync and file transfer at 5 Gb, the Kruger-Pro is efficient and reliable. Allowing you to enhance the productivity of your workstation.

Today Wire Technologies is answering some of the most searched questions about Docking Stations:

  • Do I really need a docking station?

A docking station allows laptops or other mobile systems to connect to additional peripheral devices by expanding the limited ports on the device itself. USB-C docking stations help provide a desktop experience from a laptop, granting an alternative solution to purchasing larger desktop computers. In the age where hybrid-working has become the new norm, docking stations offer huge benefits to ease the transition between work location changes.

  • How is a docking station used?

Docking stations help to enhance productivity. Most docking stations include combinations of display ports, audio jacks, extra USB ports and a higher speed LAN port for a faster connection. By plugging your laptop/device into a docking station you have access to any additional ports you need as well as power and charge your laptop through a single connection.

  • Are computer docking stations universal?

Depending on the brand of the model, some docking stations are only compatible with products built by the same manufacturer. However, universal docking stations offer equal and effective compatibility with a multitude of laptops.

  • Which docking station do I need?

Firstly, you need to decide which ports you require your docking station to have and what you want to use your docking station for. You also need to ensure that the dock you choose has the same connector as the one your laptop/device has.

For more information, our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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