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A cabling audit and infrastructure refresh is often a good place to start if you think your network isn’t working as well as it should be. It allows both you and us to identify and address any bottlenecks and areas of weakness, and to uncover new cabling requirements. This includes work that needs to be addressed now and also refresh work that may be needed in 1, 2 or 5 years’ time. Having confidence in your network cabling infrastructure is an important first step to a successful and resilient business. A Wire Technologies audit and refresh will give you that confidence and reassurance.

The steps we take when we carry out a cabling audit and infrastructure refresh will vary depending on your organisation. To give you a general idea, the process could cover any of the following:

  • A full survey of your cabling infrastructure
  • A Visio or AutoCad drawing showing your site and cabling routes including cabinet locations
  • All backbone links marked up including fibre, copper and wireless
  • Testing of all cabling carried out to identify potential bottlenecks
  • Cabinet/rack layout drawings provided showing space capacity (U Space)
  • The number of data outlets per cabinet will be counted and checked to see if they are in use and the types of cable used
  • Cabinet refresh planning if required
  • Heat and power outputs calculated
  • Identifying and rectifying any labelling issues (patch panels, outlets and cables)
  • Recommendations for a refresh including improvement and growth in your network
  • Deliverables and actions