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Total peace of mind and increased uptime.

If you need ongoing technical support without getting too involved in the detail, our managed services could be ideal for you. Our managed services contracts include a bundle of repetitive tasks with pre-defined standards and service level agreements, carried out by our staff rather than you. This allows you to get on with your day job and build your business rather than being involved in the daily grind and firefighting.

We offer three managed service models:

  • Task-based managed services

  • Resource-based managed services

  • If applicable – a blend of both task and resource-based managed services

We have years of experience in running successful managed services contracts for our clients. During this time, we have invested significant time and resources into creating software tools to optimise resources and provide extensive service management reporting capabilities. A managed service contract with Wire Technologies will save you money. To guarantee success for all, Wire Technologies managed services are engineered from the start to be different, with outstanding detail, service and support.

By utilising our proven managed services transition process – that may also involve Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations (TUPE) – we combine our expertise, proactive approach and proven tools. This ensures you receive a high-quality experience that other infrastructure service providers cannot offer.