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OM5 Wide-Band Multimode

OM5 fibre; the latest evolutionary leap in multimode fibre transmission.

With increasing speeds and densities, the industry faced a rethink on multimode fibre (MMF). A leap in technological capabilities was needed in multimode fibre transmission.  MMF that was capable of supporting higher port density and higher bandwidth, lower channel insertion loss, backwards compatibility with OM4/OM3 while maintaining its fibre mode and cable diameter (50/125μm, Minimum Bend Radius: 7.5mm and cable diameter: 2.0mm).

The OM5 multimode fibre patch cable is all of these things and more. A cost-effective solution in a rapidly developing market.

We’re here to support that ever-growing demand for higher bandwidth transmission, accommodating both compatibility, speed and cost. Standardization in OM5 technology has allowed us at to deliver the most cutting-edge products in Wide-Band Multimode Fibre.

What’s the difference?

In comparison to OM4, OM5 is optimized for short division multiplexing (SWDM) and utilizes four wavelengths in the 850nm to 950nm transmission range. Whereas, OM4 transmits in the 850nm wavelength only. That’s quadruple the data carrying capacity. Our cables take full advantage of a new multi-wavelength transmission system (SWDM). In more precise terms, OM5 fibre patch cable can transmit four channels of data up to 25G whilst using a single pair of multimode fibers. It is optimized and targeted for upcoming high speed applications (40G/100G/200G) that will use shortwave wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM). Lastly, OM5 relies on a cable infrastructure based on LC connectivity as opposed to the existing protocols that require parallel optics with MTP-connectivity.

OM5 fibre supports similar modal bandwidth of 4700MHz at 850nm to OM4 and OM3, allowing backwards capability.

Its 50µm core offers a user friendly solution for installation and any issues with regards to connectivity, maintenance and cleaning. The new OM5 comes in the industry standard sheath color of lime green. Nexans OM5 cables are available on request.