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From 100Mbps to 100G, Wire Technologies has a portfolio of over 13,000 optical transceivers to service all data rates, wavelengths and OEM vendors. Wire Technologies continues to develop new innovations and build upon our compatibility with currently over 70 vendors catered for.

We are a trusted channel partner to some of the best distributors and resellers within the channel- We do not sell to the end user and will always refer direct enquiries through a distributor or reseller.

Headquartered in Cirencester, Wire Technologies strives to innovate and push the envelope with the latest technology which is represented in the wide range of Euroclass accredited Optical Networking products developed and built with our deep specialist knowledge of data transmission.

We pride ourselves on our tech first, sales later, mantra.

Alongside requirement specific testing, The Wire Lab is continuously performing stringent tests and validations to assure combability with the 70+ industry vendors on all our devices.

Wire Technologies proudly offers a portfolio of over 13,000 optical transceivers.

We are trusted partners

We work with a huge variety of both Private and Public sector companies, we pride ourselves on our customer retention rate. All of our staff are security vetted to a high standard.