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Hardware Design Services

Our hardware design engineers have all the skills to cover your hardware needs. If you want to go incrementally, we can design electronic hardware, an enclosure, or PCB design services. If you need to put together a full-scale electronic device, we will take you from conceptualisation to trial manufacturing to mass production.

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To set the project up for success, we start with the basics – electronic system and circuit design. This lays the groundwork for the next critical implementation stages: PCB design and simulation, board sample production, trial production and mass-production.

PCB Layout

PCB design is an essential stage in the hardware design process. Our team of PCB design and layout engineers deliver reliable and cost-effective custom PCB and IPC-qualified embedded hardware solutions. Stack-up/ build-up development Transmission line configuration and arrangement Multi-layer PCB design High-speed PCB layout Radio-frequency (RF) PCB design High-density interconnect (HDI) Flex and rigid-flex PCB.

PCB Simulations

At Wire Technologies, we apply a comprehensive suite of PCB analysis and verification techniques starting in the design stage. This increases product performance, eliminates layout iterations, and gets your solution to market faster.


We will create a 3D design and 3D model of the required enclosure, verify that the sample meets all the ergonomics, assemblability, durability, flexibility, shock and water resistance requirements, and coordinate the mass production.