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Lifetime Warranty and Guaranteed Compatibility

Wire Technologies realises how important network functionality is to our customers. With this in mind, all transceivers, DACs and AOCs sold carry a warranty subject to the terms stated below.


Wire Technologies offers a lifetime advanced exchange warranty for all standard transceiver modules, Active Optical Cables and Direct Attach Cables.


If any product is deemed defective under the terms and conditions of the warranty, Wire Technologies will replace the item free of charge. This advanced replacement is offered with shipping costs covered by our company. The lifetime advanced exchange warranty coverage begins from the initial date of shipment from Wire Technologies facility and is only applicable to the original buyer of the equipment. Failure of equipment due to misuse, exceeding maximum input optical power specs, incorrect electrical voltages, product modification, abuse, neglect/mishandling, or improper environment exposure voids the warranty in its entirety.


Wire Technologies disclaims any liabilities or warranties, expressed or implied, beyond the remedies provided as stated in the lifetime warranty. Wire Technologies is not liable to the purchaser of a product for any damages, expenses, or lost revenues/savings/profits exceeding the original amount paid for the product. Damages resulting from abuse, accident, modifications and unauthorized repairs are not cover under this warranty.


Wire Technologies reserves the right to change specifications of products without notice at any time.

For more information on our Lifetime Warranty, please contact us at